Strategic Plan

The Commission’s work is guided by its Strategic Plan which covers a four year period, with the current one running from 2009- 2013. The Commission’s aspiration is a strong and vibrant human rights culture founded on equality and social justice for all. To realize such a society, the Commission aspires that Kenya becomes a human rights state governed by laws, policies, practices and values anchored on international human rights standards and expectations. The Commission's ultimate goal is to increase respect for and greater enjoyment of fundamental human rights in Kenya. The Plan outlines the path the Commission will take in the next four years to achieve this goal.

Strategic Objectives
  1. To promote the respect and observance of human rights standards by state and non-state actors
  2. To increase the application of human rights principles and standards in institutions and mechanisms of justice
  3. To enhance the realization of economic and social rights in Kenya
  4. To enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of KNCHR.
Strategic Plan 2009-2013Strategic Plan 2009-2013
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Strategic Plan 2013-2018
In this new strategic period, we seek to build from the gains made and lessons learnt from the previous strategic plan 2009-2013, which was developed at a watershed moment in Kenya's history having just emerged from the horrors of the 2007 Post Election Violence. As such the Commission's strategic plan was tailored around midwifing the transitional process in line with Agenda 4 of the National Accord. The strategic plan therefore focused on among others, reducing systemic human rights violations; infusing human rights principles and standards in legal and governance reforms and enhancing knowledge and practice on human rights principles and standards in public and private spheres.


Strategic Plan 2015-2018

This is the fourth strategic plan of the Commission since inception. The Commission seeks to build upon the achievements under the previous strategic plans and also respond to the changing environment. KNCHR is glad to note that there have been myriad transformations in public and private spheres with respect to nurturing a human rights culture in the republic of Kenya. The popular "Haki yetu" slogan commonly chanted by the public in agitation of their rights speaks to the level of awareness that now prevails in the country. It is a manifestation of the enlightenment that the KNCHR has contributed to alongside other government and civil society organizations. The state has also made some progress with regard to honouring its obligations under various regional and international treaties and instruments.

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