Institutional Reforms

The KNCHR engages in this body of work persuaded that a reform of institutions that have previously been used to violate human rights and repress citizens is critical to the realization of justice. All the initiatives under this project are aimed at realizing democratic, transparent and accountable criminal justice institutions in particular the police, the judiciary and prisons.

KNCHR has participated in policy and legislative reforms as a member of the Task Forces on Police and Judicial Reforms, the High Level Committee on Penal Reforms and monitored the implementation of the report of the Task Force on Police Reforms as a member of Police Reforms Implementation Committee. In relation to the Judiciary, KNCHR’s latest undertaking related to the development of a vetting tool that is being applied by the Judges and Magistrates Vetting Board to determine the suitability of judicial officers to continue serving. 

A similar initiative, in partnership with other organizations has been rolled out in relation to the police. Other ongoing initiatives under this project include scheduled and unscheduled visits and inspections to prisons, police cells and other places of detention to ensure observance of human rights standards on detention; and advocacy on extra-judicial killings and renditions.