Engagement with the TJRC

Following the establishment of the TJRC vide the TJRC Act of 2008, the KNCHR has been supporting its work by sensitizing communities in all the former provinces on the former Commission’s mandate and its role in securing the country’s democratization process. The KNCHR has also supported the hearings by preparing victims to appear before it and present their cases or memoranda. 

The KNCHR has been monitoring the individual, in-camera and thematic hearings in order to ensure victims’ access to justice. A memorandum on the KNCHR’s experience in relation to key themes it has addressed over the years was presented to the TJRC. Currently, the KNCHR and its partners are developing a reparations policy on historical injustices which we hope will serve as a guide to the TJRC as it finalizes its report. As the TJRC winds up its work, this project will focus on monitoring the implementation of some of its key recommendations particularly as they relate to accountability for gross violations.