Political accountability

The KNCHR has since establishment undertaken elections monitoring and accountability projects with a view of enhancing transparency and accountability amongst duty bearers. The KNCHR has in this regard monitored all general elections and by-elections conducted between its establishment to date. The project is organized around three key themes:
  1. Civic education which involves conducting targeted civic education on electoral processes to create an informed electorate; producing and disseminating IEC materials to guide voters in making an informed choice
  2. Monitoring political/ election campaigns through the media and in the field during the campaigns – with a focus on documenting the use of incitement to violence, hate speech and misuse of public resources 
  3. Election monitoring which involves actual observation of the voting, counting and tallying process to enhance the integrity of the electoral process.

This being an election year, the KNCHR will undertake an Election Monitoring Project whose overall objective is to strengthen democratic governance in Kenya by enhancing participation, transparency and accountability in the electoral process. The project, which will be implemented in collaboration with key state and non-state partners, will be implemented along the following five broad strategies:
  1. Targeted campaign on leadership and integrity to be conducted for 10 months 
  2. Targeted civic education to be conducted for 10 months 
  3. Sustained mapping and monitoring of hot spots across the country to be conducted from 9 months for informed intervention in potential conflict situations,
  4. Monitoring political party nominations and political campaigns with a focus on the use of hate speech and incitement to ethnic hatred and violence, violation of the electoral codes of conduct and the misuse of public resources for 9 months
  5. Actual observation of the 2013 General Elections in target counties.