Press Statements

Press Release: Summons of Journalists to Appear Before A Parliamentary Committee - Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights makes this statement to express its concern at the summons directed to two People Daily journalists, who are members of the Kenya Parliamentary Journalists Association (KPJA) during a Parliamentary debate yesterday.

The summoning of the two journalists before the Parliamentary Committee on Powers and Privileges and specifically the public calling out of their names on the floor of Parliament instead of their respective publisher(s) exposes them to grave danger and compromises their right to safety and security.

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Press Release: Ongoing Forced Evictions of Kibera Residents Along the Langata-Ngong Road Project - Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The KNCHR is gravely concerned by the ongoing forced evictions in Kibera which is not only a violation of the law and human rights but also an unfortunate breach of trust and bad faith by the Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) and other concerned agencies. The KNCHR is particularly disappointed that the evictions are happening despite assurances from KURA that no evictions would be effected before completion and implementation of the ongoing enumeration and relocation of the Project Affected Persons (PAPs).

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Press Statement: Respect the Rule of Law - Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Press Statement on the Rule of Law

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Chairperson Remarks - International Day for the Right To Truth - Friday, March 23, 2018
KNCHR is delighted to join all of you today in commemorating the International Day for the Right to Truth. On behalf of the national Commission, I stand here to acknowledge the fact that truth precedes justice and that the best we can do, as a people, is not to remain silent, but to make louder the voice of truth seeking.
The 24th of March every year is dedicated to the commemoration of the victims of human rights violations, acknowledging a fundamental human right to truth and supporting those human rights activists and defenders who commit their lives to fighting for truth and justice. The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights joins victims and survivors of gross human rights violations to mark this day in Kenya. read more ...
As a National Commission, we wish to commend the State for ratifying key human rights treaties and conventions which impose upon Kenya the obligation to respect, protect, fulfil and promote human rights for all. The treaties also create reporting obligations on Kenya with respect to steps taken to implement the provisions of the various regional and international instruments. read more ...
The Commission is concerned by the occurrences of the past one week that has witnessed a rise in the brazen disregard of the rule of law, the barefaced threats to the Bill of Rights and the Nation’s democratic principles that are enshrined and protected in the Constitution of Kenya 2010. The Commission is raising a red alert that we are rapidly retrogressing to the dark painful eras of our past as a country. As the main Commission charged with the responsibility of protecting promoting and monitoring human rights in the country, the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights from the onset strongly condemns the current cases of deliberate contempt of court orders and illegal and arbitrary arrests that are off-tandem with the Kenyan law and set practices and standards. read more ...
The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights has earlier today received reports and information to the effect that the broadcast airwaves for the local television networks were switched off by Communications Authority of Kenya to disallow the live coverage of the swearing-in activity of the opposition leadership at Uhuru Park. The Broadcast Television networks include; read more ...
Press Statement- Excessive Force and Evictions of The Sengwer Community - Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights, National Coalition for Human Rights Defenders, Amnesty International Kenya, Katiba Institute and other undersigned organizations express their grave concern at reports received from community representatives, that yesterday , 16 January 2018 , Kenya Forest Service (KFS) officers shot and killed Robert Kirotich and seriously injured David Kosgei Kiptilkesi, members of the Sengwer Indigenous people, in Embobut forest, Cherangany Forest Complex in the western highlands of Kenya. We are reliably informed that both were unarmed and herding cattle in the Kapkok glade at the time.

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Press Statement- Excessive Force and Evictions of The Sengwer Community - Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights, National Coalition for Human Rights Defenders, Amnesty International Kenya, Katiba Institute and other undersigned organizations express their grave concern at reports received from community representatives, that yesterday , 16 January 2018 , Kenya Forest Service (KFS) officers shot and killed Robert Kirotich and seriously injured David Kosgei Kiptilkesi, members of the Sengwer Indigenous people, in Embobut forest, Cherangany Forest Complex in the western highlands of Kenya. We are reliably informed that both were unarmed and herding cattle in the Kapkok glade at the time.

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Still a Mirage:Human Rights Account of the Fresh Presidential Poll for the Period Sept and Nov 2017 - Wednesday, December 20, 2017
Given the fact that it was an inordinately drawn out process, the task of monitoring the 2017 General Election turned out to be truly Herculean for most observers and monitors, the KNCHR included.  The intensity and magnitude of the election was particularly buttressed following the annulment and subsequent call for a fresh presidential poll. I am happy to report to you, here today, that despite the numerous challenges that were occasioned by what is by any standard one of the longest electioneering periods in our Country, the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights Officers and Monitors soldiered on to monitor, document and report on the extent to which Kenya’s electoral cycle complied with safeguarding the sanctity of the vote in line with the country’s national and international human rights principles.  read more ...
Preliminary Findings of the 26th October Repeat Presidential Election in Kenya - Friday, November 3, 2017
The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) has been monitoring compliance to human rights principles in the fresh Presidential polls. This time as part of its monitoring strategies, the Commission deployed a total of 540 monitors spread out in all the 47 counties. The Commission monitored the campaigns and political protests in the run up to the fresh Presidential polls after the Supreme Court decision. The Commission also monitored the events before, during and after the 26th October polls. read more ...
KNCHR Press Statement on the 2017 Election Report - Monday, October 9, 2017
Article 1 of the Constitution of Kenya clearly states that all sovereign power belongs to the People of Kenya and that the said power shall be exercised only in accordance with the Constitution. In a representative democracy like ours, one of the critical ways of exercising the people’s sovereign power is through direct and universal suffrage where every eligible voter participates in electing his or her leaders in a free, fair and credible electoral process. When Sovereign Power derives from the people, it means that citizens are empowered to democratically elect their leaders through the ballot. The meaning of the ballot must be extrapolated to go beyond the literal meaning of the physical ballot paper used to vote on Election Day. A credible ballot must be transparent and accountable. Comprehensive measures must be taken to ensure that the right to vote is secured and that every valid vote cast truly counts. read more ...
Attacks on the Civic Space by the Defunct NGOs Coordination Board - Wednesday, August 16, 2017
The Commission has noted with grave concern the ongoing intensified assault on the civic and democratic space by the now defunct NGOs Coordination Board headed by Fazul Mahamed. The latest attack targets the African Center for Open Governance (AFRICOG) and the Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) two of the leading human rights and governance organizations in the country. Yesterday, the NGO Coordination Board accused the two organizations of financial and regulatory impropriety and called upon the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) to take adverse actions against them including freezing of accounts and arrest and prosecution of AFRICOG directors and members. read more ...
Press Statement:Status Update on Developing Post Election Human Rights Violations - Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) is deeply concerned by the turn of events immediately following the announcement of the presidential results yesterday by the Chairperson of the IEBC where violence simultaneously erupted in parts of the country. We however, note that this was not widespread as many Kenyans continue to maintain peace and calm as they have done since polling day on 8th August, 2017.

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Press Statement: Preliminary Findings on the Monitoring and Observation of the 2017 General Election - Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights calls you today to give your our preliminary findings on the status of human rights that we observed in the 2017 General Election Polls. The KNCHR deployed a total of 264 staff and monitors on August 8th to document the polling process in 37 counties where we closely monitored the preparations, the voting process, the tallying and transmission of results. The objective of the KNCHR monitoring is to protect and promote the right to vote and be voted to in the 2017 Elections. Our teams are also on the ground to monitor the post-­‐election scenarios from a human rights perspective and we are

receiving reports round the clock at our Election Monitoring Hub 
Crunch Time: 1 Day To The 2017 Polls - Thursday, August 10, 2017

Tuesday the 8th of August 2017 is a day on the Kenyan calendar that puts to test true democracy and captures the spirit of Kenyans. It is a day that breathes life into the aspirations of our constitutional provision of the right to a free, fair, credible and peaceful General Election. It is a day when Kenyans from all walks of life exercise their sovereign power as vested in them by the first Article of the Constitution of Kenya.

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The Right To Freedom of Peaceful Assembly - Thursday, July 27, 2017
The Right To Freedom of Peaceful Assembly, A checklist for the Kenyan police and the public read more ...
Press Statement:24 Days To The Ballot: Periodic Update On The On-Going Political Campaigns - Friday, July 14, 2017

Today marks exactly 24 days to the August 8th 2017 General Election. As a Constitutional Commission mandated to protect and promote the observance of Human Rights in Kenya, we have called you here today so that we may share with you some of our key findings, concerns and recommendations as we approach the upcoming election. As has been the case i n the past, our findings, concerns and recommendations are geared towards seeking remedial actions with the relevant partners and duty-bearers so as to protect the right to a free, fair, credible and peaceful  election.

The findings, concerns and recommendations we are sharing with you today are direct result of the work that the KNCHR has been undertaking on the ground in 29 Counties where we have been monitoring the campaigns and the preparation towards the August polls. The following is an update of the  key concerns and findings of our campaign monitoring project.

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Press Statement:Political Interference with the Independence of the Judiciary and Independent Consti - Monday, July 10, 2017

The reason for our engagement with you today is to register our deep concern on the utterances attributed to the President and the Deputy President during their political rally in Baringo County on the 9th of July 2017. Similar utterances have also been raised by the Principals of the opposition coalition, NASA.

The remarks by the political actors in the ongoing campaign period that have threatened the decisions that the Judiciary made concerning the printing of ballot papers as well as the decision by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission  to challenge the said decision at the Court of Appeal fall below the letter and spirit of the Constitution of Kenya. As Commissions, we view these utterances as veiled threats to the Judiciary and the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission whose effect is nothing but the emergence of excesses of Kenya’s political class.

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Status Update on the On-Going Monitoring of the August 8th 2017 General Election: 41 days to the Gen - Tuesday, June 27, 2017

In the spirit of Constitutionalism

The objects of Constitutional Commissions are clearly spelt out in Article 249 (1) of the Constitution as follows:

1.     Protect the sovereignty of the people

2.     Secure the observance by all State organs of democratic values and principles  

3.     Promote constitutionalism

The foregoing Constitutional objects as well as our respective statutory provisions form the backbone for the exercise of our mandates as the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights, the National Gender and Equality Commission, the Commission on Administrative Justice and the National Cohesion and Integration Commission.

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Press Statement:Political Campaigns Increasingly Leading to Elections-Related Human Rights Violation - Tuesday, June 13, 2017
The Commission undertook monitoring of the political parties’ primaries in the month of March and April 2017. The findings are compiled in a report titled the Fallacious vote which was released on 15th May 2017. The Commission’s report elaborated varied con-cerns and it anticipated that the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), Political Parties and aspirants would take into consideration and ensure that the campaigns would be devoid of human rights violations and blatant violation of the electoral code of conduct, electoral laws and constitutional provisions. read more ...
Press Statement:The Fallacious Vote: A Human Rights Account of the 2017 Political Party Primaries - Monday, May 15, 2017
In Kenya, just like in any representative democracy, elections are meant to reflect the aspirations of citizens as the key decision-makers in electing the leadership of the country through the power vested upon them by the Constitution of Kenya (CoK). Article 1 provides that all sovereign power belongs to the people of Kenya and shall be exercised in accordance with the Constitution. One of the key provisions that brings to life these powers is the constitutionally guaranteed right to make political choices that is actualized by the right to vote as entrenched in Article 38 (3) (b) of our Constitution. read more ...
Press Statement-Police Recruitment 2017 - Friday, May 12, 2017

The  role  of  the  Police  and  their  contribution  to  governance  in  Kenya cannot be over emphasized. Their responsibility to guard the sovereignty of this nation is one that should be reflected upon at the point to which their recruitment into the service begins.

 The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights has thus committed itself to the police reforms journey through monitoring of all recruitment exercises in the last four years to ensure compliance with laid down regulations.

During the 2017 police recruitment process, KNCHR was able to monitor 75 of the 292 centers that were used to vet potential candidates with our observations documented as follows:

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Press statement : Raising the Red Flag: Political Party Nominations - Thursday, April 20, 2017
The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights is monitoring the 2017 electioneering process as per its mandate of securing the constitutional guaranteed right to participate in political processes and further safeguard the right to vote. As a Country, we continue to experience upheavals where during the electioneering period, Kenyans suffer a multitude of human rights violations arising from the process.

To ensure that we safeguard the integrity of the right to vote and to participate in the electoral processes that are in line with the relevant laws, the Commission deployed 84 monitors in 29 counties; Bungoma, Kakamega, Kisii, Migori, Siaya, Tana River, Lamu, Kwale, Garrissa, Marsabit, Turkana, Mandera, Isiolo, Samburu, Baringo, Nakuru, Kirinyaga, Meru, Laikipia, Elgeyo Market, Uasin Gishu, Nandi, Kericho, Bomet, Narok, Nairobi, Kiambu, Muranga and Kisumu. Following an intense training on election processes, they will be engaged not only in monitoring the ongoing party nominations but also the run up to elections and the post election period.
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Statement by Kenya National Commission on Human Rights on the Assenting of the Prevention of Torture - Thursday, April 13, 2017
The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights welcomes the passage of the Prevention of Torture Bill by the National Assembly on the 6th April 2017.
The Commission further welcomes the President’s enactment into law the Prevention of Torture Act on 12th April 2017. As a Commission we welcome this move by the President as the Prevention of Torture Bill has been in the legislative process for six years.
The Prevention of Torture Act defines and criminalize torture and establishes a legal and institutional framework to support victims of torture.
Torture constitutes the worst form of human rights violations. Article 25(a) of our Constitution, states that “the right to be free from torture, cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment cannot be limited under any circumstances. read more ...
Public Notice-Employment Fraud - Wednesday, April 12, 2017
The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) wishes to inform the public of fraudsters who have been masquerading as officials of the Commission and have been contacting unsuspecting members of the public with offers of employment; while taking advantage to extort money from unsuspecting Kenyans.The fraudsters are said to have been contacting members of the public with invitations to interviews and offers of employment.
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Press statement - Misconduct of Nairobi Senator Hon. Mike Mbuvi and the call for political parties t - Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights is appalled by the unwarranted utterances by the Senator that only serve to endanger persons with albinism in this electioneering period. As a leader who has sworn an oath to abide by the laws of the land, the Senator negated the spirit and letter of National Values and Principles of Governance as articulated in Article 10 of the Constitution of Kenya (CoK).

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Press Statement: The State of Human Rights and Freedoms in The Republic of Kenya - Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Your Excellency, The President of the Republic of Kenya;
The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights makes this address on the basis of its constitutional mandate as prescribed under Article 59 and within the general functions and powers under Article 252; and the statutory reporting obligations pursuant to the KNCHR Constitutive Act of 2011 (Revised 2012); with the specific mandate to promote a culture of human rights in Kenya.

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Prevailing Insecurity in the North Rift Region - Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Commission deployed officers to the conflict region on 20th to 24th February 2017
and established the following as the situation on the ground:
• Loss of lives: Over ten people have lost their lives so far, following the latest
flare-up in the region.
• Massive displacement of civilian populations: Over 10,000 integrated internally
displaced persons (3000 from Arabal, 2500 from Chebinyiny, 5000 from
Mochongoi) and over 10,000 internally displaced persons (9,000 from Kipkata
location, 1,500 from Kipsarman Catholic Church)
• Worsening humanitarian crisis with security threats directed at humanitarian
agencies like the Kenya Red Cross: Consequently, insufficient humanitarian
interventions in the place (areas of concern include lack of water in Kipsarman
and Kapkomon; people sleeping in the bush or on the hard floors of
abandoned classrooms)
• Disruption of learning activities: Over 40 schools affected by the crisis with
over 8000 students and pupils unable to attend school.

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Press Statement:Update on the Court Ruling on the Medical Practitioners Strike Impasse - Monday, February 13, 2017

Following the court order of 3rct February 2017, Kenya National Commission on Human Rights and Central Organization on Trade Unions were appointed as mediators to the on going doctors strike.We have been engaged in mediation with the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Union and Ministry of Health for the past seven days in a bid to find amicable and lasting solutions to end the on going doctors strike.

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KNCHR Statement on Securing the 2017 General Elections - Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Commission is concerned by the unfolding events in the country, particularly at a time when Kenya is preparing to go for the General Election scheduled for August 2017.

During celebrations to mark this year’s Jamhuri Day, President Uhuru Kenyatta publicly alleged that some foreign powers are channelling money to civil society organizations to try and influence the outcome of the next general elections. Subsequently, the Leader of Majority in the National Assembly, the Hon Adan Duale, accused the IEBC of working with the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) to assist CORD in rigging next year’s elections.

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KNCHR CHAIRPERSON SPEECH-International Human Rights Day 2016 - Wednesday, December 14, 2016
KNCHR is pleased to join the international community as the World commemorates the 2016 International Human Rights Day under the theme of: “Stand up for someone’s right today”. The day affords us all an opportunity to review the gains, challenges and areas of improvement in the human rights sector. As a National Human Rights Institution, KNCHR works with state and non-state actors both locally and internationally to promote the inculcation of a culture of respect for human rights within the Country. read more ...
Human Rights Violations and Brutality on Residents of Mumias Following the Raid on Booker Police Pos - Friday, November 25, 2016

The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights is deeply concerned by the brutality meted out on Wananchi by the GSU and the other police units following a raid at the Booker Police Post by unknown people on Tuesday 22nd November 2016. We are similarly concerned that the said assailants assaulted and subsequently injured a police officer in their mission that saw them make away with guns and bullets from the police post. We wish the police officer quick recovery so that he can continue with his duty of ensuring that Kenyans are safe and secure.

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Statement by the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights on the disruption of demonstrations organ - Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) today dispatched its officers to monitor the demonstrations organized by the Civil Society. The Commission is concerned at the conduct of the police officers that led to the forceful dispersal of demonstrators and the arbitrary and brutal arrest of 10 of them.
Our monitors observed that the Police cordoned off the entire freedom corner and then discharged tear gas canisters at those who were gathered at the venue. This uncalled for violence was extended to other members of the public who were innocently undertaking their daily businesses bringing the business to a standstill at the busy Uhuru Park.

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Press Statement on the Public Inquiry on Insecurity in the Coast Region and its Impacts - Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) is an independent Commission entrenched in the Constitution of Kenya under Article 59 and operatiationalised by the KNCHR Act No.14 of 2011 with a core mandate of ensuring the protection and promotion of human rights in Kenya.
The Constitution vests in the Commission watchdog and advisory roles so as to ensure the promotion and protection of Human Rights in public and private institutions.
In execution of its mandate; the Commission is here today in Mombasa County to launch and commence the second phase of a national public inquiry into the status of security and its impact on the enjoyment of human rights and freedoms with a special focus on Mombasa, Kwale, Tana River and Lamu Counties.

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VC Remarks during the official launch of the national policy and action plan on human rights - Tuesday, October 4, 2016
In 2005, we the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights with the then Ministry with the super long name and one that was charged with super heavy national responsibilities going by the name - The Ministry of Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs; and together with a number of State and Non- State actors began a journey.The ultimate goal of that journey was to develop a National Human Rights Policy (NHRP) and a National Action Plan for Human Rights (NAPHR). read more ...
Attorney General remarks during official launch of national policy and action plan on human rights - Tuesday, October 4, 2016
Today marks the culmination of years of effort towards the development of a National policy and action plan on human rights in Kenya.
My sincere appreciation goes to the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR), the main sponsors of this event; who in partnership with the Department of Justice spearheaded the development of the National Policy and Action Plan on Human Rights.
I also wish to thank all our partners, with a special mention to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Nairobi the Office, and other Development partners, for having tirelessly walked with us when the journey was at its hardest. read more ...
Public Inquiry on the Impact of Mining Activities on the Enjoyment of Human Rights in Taita-Taveta - Thursday, August 18, 2016
For the last one year, the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) has received and documented complaints from individuals and groups in the larger Taita Taveta County in relation to mining activities and the attendant violation of human rights. In response to the complaints received, the Commission deployed several investigative missions to ascertain the veracity of the complaints as a first step to address the issues and concerns that had been shared with the Commission. From the preliminary findings of our investigative missions, a number of cross-cutting and systemic human rights issues came to the fore read more ...
Press Statement on Harassment and Arrest of Officers of the Independent Policing Oversight Authority - Thursday, August 4, 2016

Our attention has been drawn to the reported harassment and illegal arrest of officers of the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) by the Kayole OCPD Mr. Ali Nuno on Monday 1st August 2016 while on official duty.

The two IPOA investigators had visited the OCPD in his office to serve him with summons requiring him to appear for questioning in respect of reported misconduct against him. The OCPD declined to receive the summons and ordered the officers out. The investigators left the letter on the OCPD’s table after which the OCPD pursued and grabbed one of the IPOA officers, Mr. Humphrey Kaunya.

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Speech- The Handing Over Of The Keys To Residents Of Kibera Soweto East Zone ‘A’ - Friday, July 8, 2016
Speech By The Kenya National Commission On Human Rights Vice-Chairperson, George Morara,During The Handing Over Of The Keys To Residents Of Kibera Soweto East Zone ‘A’ In A Project Under The Ministry Of Land, Housing And Urban Development On Friday, 8th July 2016 read more ...
Joint Press Release-Enforced Disappearance of Willie Kimani,Josephat Mwenda and Joseph Muiruri - Wednesday, June 29, 2016
We the undersigned organizations call for the immediate release of Willie Kimani, a human rights defender/lawyer, and his two associates, Josphat Mwenda and Joseph Muiruri, who were abducted by the Administration Police (AP) on 23rd June 2016. The three were abducted as they left the Mavoko Law Courts in Machakos County shortly before 12:00 pm.Willie, who works for the International Justice Mission (IJM), was in court together with IJM client Josephat Mwenda, a 24 year old father of one who before the 10th April 2015, plied his trade as a Boda boda (motor cycle) rider. read more ...
Press Release: KNCHR Statement on Right to Assembly (CoK, Article 37) - Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Our attention has been drawn to the statement by the Government Spokesperson Mr. Eric Kiraithe issued on 30th May 2016 on behalf of the National Security Advisory Committee (NSAC) directing that both CORD and the Prayer Beyond Boundaries Ministries (PBBM) meetings have been cancelled citing security concerns.

The Commission also takes note of the remarks made on 30th May 2016 and attributed to the Principal Secretary, Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government, Mr. Karanja Kibicho stating that CORD has a constitutional right to assemble and that the Government has no problem with the opposition opting to have a parallel arrangement elsewhere for the Madaraka day celebrations.

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Excessive Use of Force by the Kenya Police in the Ongoing Protests against the IEBC Commissioners - Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (the Commission) is deeply concerned by the excessive use of force deployed by the security agencies in the ongoing protests organized by the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) seeking removal of commissioners of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).
The Commission is particularly dismayed by the gory scenes witnessed yesterday in Kisumu, Nairobi, Kisii and Machakos where demonstrators who had already been subdued were subjected to gruesome violence by the police resulting in seriously bodily harm. The Commission has just received a reports that one of the victims has succumbed to the injuries.

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The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights is deeply concerned by the Statement issued by the Principal Secretary for Ministry of Interior on Friday 6th May 2016 titled “Government Statement on refugees and Closure of Refugee Camps”. The statement communicates the Government’s decision to end the hosting of refugees and to close down Dadaab and Kakuma refugee camps citing national security concerns. The government also announced that it has disbanded the Department of Refugee Affairs (DRA) as a first step towards the above measures!

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JOINT PRESS STATEMENT: The Role of Parliament, National Human Rights Institutions, Civil Societies.. - Wednesday, May 4, 2016
JOINT PRESS STATEMENT: Promoting and protecting human rights in Kenya: The Role of Parliament, National Human Rights Institutions, Civil Societies and Development Partners
Today, we stand together as Partners with a common vision to chart a critical path that will lead to the promotion and protection of human rights in Kenya.
As key players we all acknowledge that democracy is finally taking route in our country through the formation of institutions such as the Kenya Parliamentary Human Rights Association, one that draws membership from leaders of various political divide to chart not individual ambitions but a collective responsibility to the electorate they serve. read more ...
Public Inquiry on perennial insecurity in the North Rift and its impact on the enjoyment of HR - Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Over the past three years, in response to the increased insecurity incidences in the North Rift Region, the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) has deployed several investigative missions to determine the causes, nature and causes of the consequences of the conflict. The region, which cuts across Uasin Gishu, Baringo, East and West Pokot and Turkana counties, has been the stage of yet to be resolved cyclic conflict. The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights considers it necessary that measures be taken to document the human rights dimension of the conflict.

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Press Statement on Exit Findings of the Monitoring of the 2016 Police Constables Recruitment Exercis - Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights releases this exit report based on the monitoring of the just concluded police recruitment exercise. The Commission sent its monitors to 120 Recruitment Centers in different parts of the Country across the 47 Counties. The following are the preliminary issues arising from the exercise as we prepare a detailed report that will be shared by the Inspector General of Police and the National Police Service Commission.

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Press Statement on Monitoring the 2016 National Police Service Recruitment Exercise - Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights acknowledges efforts being undertaken by the government to secure our people, our borders and our sovereignty. Kenya has in the recent years received more than its fair share of security threats both from external and internal sources. In response to these threats, the government has enhanced security measures through the incorporation of community policing in its security strategy, equipping security institutions with relevant armory and technology, engagement with actors in the security sector and lately the increase in the number of police officers to match the growing population.

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Statement of the NANHRI on the deteriorating situation of human rights in Burundi - Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Network would like to express its support to the work of the Independent National Human Rights Commission of Burundi, which is a member of NANHRI.

The Network also wishes to express its deepest concerns following the ongoing acts of violence and killings that have been taking place in Burundi.

The situation lends itself to gross human rights violations and must be stopped immediately from deteriorating any further. The right to life, the right to security, freedom from torture and other forms of ill-treatment, and the rights to freedom of expression, movement and assembly are all in constant danger, if political and social disorder is left to persist.

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The Error of Fighting Terror with Terror - Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Preliminary evidence gathered by the Commission establishes a pattern of conduct by the Kenya security agencies amounting to grave violations of the law and human rights against individuals and groups suspected to be associated with terror attacks in various parts of the country mainly in Nairobi, Wajir, Mandera, Garissa, Lamu, Tana-River, Kwale, Kilifi and Mombasa Counties. Over 100 people have disappeared, several killed and scores of others tortured in the ongoing operation.

The counterterrorism operations are being conducted by a combined contingent of Kenya Defense Forces (KDF), National Intelligence Service (NIS), Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS), County Commissioners, Deputy/Assistant County Commissioners, Chiefs and various units of the National Police Service including the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU), Kenya Police Reservists (KPRs), Rapid Deployment Unit (RDU) of the Administration Police, Border Patrol Unit (BPU) and the General Service Unit (GSU).

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Press Statement: Advocacy Visit by Special Rapporteur and Freedom of Expression - Friday, August 28, 2015

The Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression and Access to Information in Africa of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (African Commission) undertook a five-day advocacy visit to Nairobi, Kenya starting on 24th August 2015. This was her first advocacy visit to Kenya. The Special Rapporteur was invited by the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) who worked in collaboration with ARTICLE 19, Transparency International, and International Commission of Jurists-Kenya to organise the visit.
The Special Rapporteur, Adv. Pansy Tlakula, was accompanied by a team of four experts of the Working group which developed the Model Law on Access to Information for Africa (Model Law). The purpose of the meeting was threefold. First, to meet with government officials

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Letter to County Commissioner BARINGO on Shoot to kill order - Wednesday, June 10, 2015
We write concerning remarks attributed to you directing police officers to shoot and kill suspected cattle rustlers. This directive is in violation of Article 10 of the Constitution which requires that all public officers act in accordance with human rights and comply with the Rule of Law. We also refer you to  express provisions of the National Police Service Act on the lawful use of firearms. read more ...
Press Statement on Baringo Insecurity - Monday, May 18, 2015

The KNCHR wishes to express its concern on the security situation within the North Rift Region which has led to loss of life, property, displacement, disrupted education and healthcare. The commission wishes to send its sincere and deepest commiserations to the affected communities and families as a result of the ongoing and recurrent conflict in the North Rift region.The Commission has previously received a petition from members of these communities in particular from Baringo South about escalating insecurity. The petition alleged that the insecurity commenced in 2005 in the

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Press Statement:Post Police Recruitment Monitoring 2015 - Tuesday, April 21, 2015

This recruitment follows the nullification of the 2014 recruitment exercise by the High Court following complaints of massive corruption, mal – administration and failure to follow the due process which have had a long term effect of eroding public confidence in the National Police Service and which in effect has affected Security Sector Reforms in the Country.
In conducting this monitoring exercise, we aim at strengthening and reinforcing efforts by the National Police Service towards instilling its key values of accountability, transparency, professionalism and that would ultimately lead to the realization of Security Sector Reforms in the Country.

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Press Statement Police Recruitment April 2015-Final - Friday, April 17, 2015

We, the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR), Usalama Forum,Federation of Women Lawyers in Kenya (FIDA-Kenya), Constitution and Reform Education Consortium (CRECO), Independent Police Oversight Authority (IPOA),International Centre for Transitional Justice (ICTJ) and Rights Promotion andbProtection Centre,( RPP) issue this statement as part of the joint efforts we shallbbe undertaking in ensuring transparency and accountability of the National PolicebService recruitment exercise which commences countrywide on 20th April 2015 at various publicized centers from 8.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.

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KNCHR Advisory on Police Recruitments - Thursday, April 16, 2015
On the 2nd April 2015 following the Terrorist attack at Garissa University His Excellency the President issued a statement in which he directed the Inspector General to proceed with the recruitment of the 10000 officers.We understand this directive to refer the recruitments exercise that has been declared irregular by the court vide its Judgment in HCCC Petition 390 of 2014 (Nairobi). read more ...
Statement on Gazettement of Civil Society Organisations - Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Commission’s attention is drawn to the recent publication by the Inspector General of Police (IGP) of Gazette Notice Number 2326 of 7th April 2015 containing a list of 5 terrorist organizations and 85 entities suspected to be associated with Al-Shabaab. The KNCHR observes that this action was taken following the devastating terrorist attack on Garissa University College in which 147 lives were lost and scores injured

 read more ...
The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights takes this early opportunity  to condole with the families who have lost loved ones in the  latest  terror  attacks  at Garissa University. It is  unfortunate  that  the  attacks  are  happening  in  an  institution that is considered a safe haven for students. Reports reaching  us  as  at  the  time  of issuing this press release indicate that 15 people have lost their lives while the over 50 who are said to have sustained injuries are currently receiving treatment  in  various medical facilities. We wish those who have  been  injured  as well  as  those who  have been psychologically  affected by this callous attack a quick recovery.KNCHR is deeply concerned that despite the  continued read more ...
Corruption: A Serious Threat to the Enjoyment of Human Rights That MUST be Urgently Tamed - Monday, March 23, 2015
On 9th December, 2003, when the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) was opened for Signature in Merida, Mexico, Kenya became the first country in the world to sign and simultaneously ratify UNCAC1. The enthusiasm with which Kenya signed this convention can be attributed to two main factors. First, that Kenyans were expressing a strong sense of confidence and optimism that with a new regime in power, the country had what it took to break the yoke of corruption that had seen its economic fortunes plummet to levels where it was registering negative figures of “economic growth”. Second, Kenya was acting in solidarity with the civilized nations of the world who had identified corruption as a serious threat to good global citizenship and the well-being of humanity. read more ...
Press Release: Narok County Demonstrations - Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Following the reported skirmishes in Narok County yesterday, the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights is concerned about the death(s) and injuries sustained by both civilians and police officers. We condole with the familie(s) of those that lost their lives in the demonstration.
Our preliminary investigations reveal that the injuries vary from bullet wounds to the use of blunt objects. While media and other reports indicate that the injuries and fatalities sustained were inflicted by the excess use of force by members of the National Police Service

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Press Statement on the Security Laws(Amendment) Bill 2014 - Thursday, December 11, 2014

We, the undersigned organizations, wish to express our deep concern with the provisions of the Security Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2014, which the government hastily published on December 10, 2014.Contrary to the Memorandum attached to the Bill, the proposed changes are not minor. They are momentous and seek to amend the Bill of Rights through the back door.  Any changes to the Bill of Rights require a referendum as per Article 255. The proposed Security Laws (Amendment) Bill 2014 makes major amendments to at least 22 laws and impact on several others including the laws relating to County Government.

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Press Statement on the Mandera Killings - Thursday, November 27, 2014
The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) is deeply concerned by the increasing incidents of insecurity in the country. We are deeply saddened and condole with the families of the twenty-eight (28) persons who were killed by suspected terrorists in a Nairobi bound bus from Mandera on 22nd November 2014. We also extend our condolences to the Teachers Service Commission (TSC), Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT), Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET), and the National Police Service, for the loss of their members. read more ...
Press Statement on Spiraling Insecurity in Kenya - Monday, November 3, 2014

Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) is concerned with the prevailing state of security in the country. We take this opportunity to sincerely condole with the families of the security personnel, civilians and humanitarian personnel who lost their lives during the weekend in Kapedo. We also take this opportunity to condole with the family of the military officer who lost his life at the hands of suspected MRC militants in Mombasa. We condemn the brazen attacks against all security enforcement agencies, which have caused alarm and panic among members of the public.  

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Press Statement on Police Recruitment - Friday, August 8, 2014

The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) and the Police Reforms Working Group-Kenya (PRWG-K)1  wishes to note with concern the unfolding confusion on public recruitment into the National Police Service. Whereas there has been diverse views from different agencies on the transparency or lack of it with regard to the process and fully aware of a court case calling for, inter alia, the nullification of the entire recruitment process and its outcome we wish to note as follows

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Press Statement: KNCHR concern over extra judicial killings in Changamwe - Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) is once again constrained to make a public statement on yet another extrajudicial killing of three persons that happened yesterday (July 30th) in Changamwe Mombasa County. We have learned through eye witness reports in the media that the trio was gunned down at the Shell Petrol Station in Changamwe after they had obeyed an order by the police to surrender and lie flat on the ground. The police then proceeded to spray them with bullets as they lay prostrate and disarmed.

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Press Statement:Call For Accountable Leadership On Our Country's Safety And Security - Tuesday, June 17, 2014
We, the undersigned organisations relay our heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims and the people of Lamu County at large following Sunday night attack in Mpeketoni that has left over 48 civilians and security agents dead, injured many more and has occasioned massive destruction of property. Our continued vulnerability as a country to these attacks is totally unacceptable.It is only this past week that the Cabinet Secretary for finance presented the budget for 2014/15 that has been lauded as being transformative and sets Kenya on the path of political stability, economic growth and development. lnfact, in that budget the central role of the security sector in bringing about the envisaged transformation is evidenced by the allocation of Ksh 90.7 billion which is 8% of the budget.
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Press Statement on The Ongoing Police Operation On Insecurity And Terrorism - Thursday, April 10, 2014
We have convened this press conference to brief Kenyans about our concerns regarding the ongoing security operation dubbed (Operation Rudisha Usalama) aimed at addressing the rising insecurity in the country.
From the outset, the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights reiterates its deepest concern over the deteriorating security situation which continues to impact negatively on the enjoyment of human rights in Kenya. We join other Kenyans in expressing our heartfelt condolences and solidarity with the victims of recent terror attacks including the Likoni Church attack.  read more ...
Remarks by chairperson KNCHR, Ms. Kagwiria Mbogori upon swearing in - Tuesday, April 8, 2014
The Honorable the Chief Justice of the Republic of Kenya, Dr. Willy Mutunga, The Hon Attorney General, Prof. Githu Muigai, the Chief Registrar of the Judiciary, Commissioners of the KNCHR, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, all protocols observed;
I would like to first thank you and your office for the successful swearing in of the Commissioners. I am aware that your office was approached on short notice and that notwithstanding you were able to accommodate us in your busy schedule. I thank you and I trust that this is an indication of the working relationship that we shall have with your office in the days to come.
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Monitoring places of detention - Wednesday, November 13, 2013
On 19-22 November, representatives of National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) from 11 African countries will gather in Kampala, Uganda, for a workshop on how to monitor places of detention.
To effectively prevent torture, the institutions in charge of protecting human rights need to build and strengthen knowledge and skills on detention monitoring particularly with regards with the methodology of preparing, conducting and following up on visits. This is something that the Swiss-based Association for the Prevention of Torture (APT), in partnership with the Network of African National Human Rights Institutions (NANHRI), wants to address through a regional training workshop on “Monitoring Places of Detention”, which will be hosted by the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC).
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Press statement on police threats to journalists over westgate press coverage - Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights wishes to draw attention to threats by the Inspector General to journalists over recent coverage of Westgate incidences as aired on KTN Shows Jicho Pevu and the Inside Story. The Commission would like to re-emphasize that the rights provided for in the Constitution and in the international instruments ratified by Kenya constitute guarantees and are not enjoyed by Kenyans at the pleasure of the state or any agency.

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Press Statement on the escalating insecurity in Moyale - Tuesday, September 3, 2013
Statement on the escalating insecurity in Moyale read more ...
Joint Press Release on the killing of Hassan Guyo - Friday, August 16, 2013
We, the undersigned human rights organizations, wish to condemn the summary execution of Hassan Guyo, a prominent human rights defender based in Moyale, Marsabit County. Our preliminary investigations indicate that Mr Guyo was shot from the back by a military officer on 7th August 2013 at around 1700 hours.
Mr Guyo, 40, was founder member and the Programmes Director at Strategies for Northern Development (SND), an organization that promotes human rights for women, children and refugees and also works on human trafficking issues in the region.  He was an active member of the UNDP Amkeni waKenya Civil Society Governance Programme Stakeholders Reference Group and partnered with various human rights organizations  including the Independent Medico Legal Unit (IMLU), the National Coalition of Human Rights Defenders – Kenya (NCHRD-K), Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) and the Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC).
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Press Statement: Compromising the right to education - Friday, August 2, 2013
Article 53 of the constitution guarantees every child the right to right to free and compulsory basic education and also provides that a child’s best interests are of paramount importance in every matter concerning the child.
We are concerned that in the impasse between the government and the Kenya National Union of Teachers the children’s interests in the matter have been relegated to the back burner.
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Press Statement on the ongoing Teachers Strike - Thursday, July 4, 2013
It is evident that the aspirations of Kenyans in voting for the constitution are being frustrated. Kenya National Commission on Human Rights is concerned by the level of commitment by the government to its obligation towards protection, promotion and fulfillment of economic and social rights. Article 43 of Constitution of Kenya recognizes the right of every Kenyan to enjoy this category of rights;
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Press Release:A call to public participation in the vetting of cabinet secretary nominees - Thursday, April 25, 2013

On March 8th 2013, as part of our 10 point human rights agenda for the government, the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights made a call through an advertorial that all appointments to public office be made in accordance with the constitution.

We are encouraged that in the ongoing nominations to the office of cabinet secretary, there is a deliberate attempt by the President to infuse professionalism, regional balance, and most importantly gender considerations.
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KNCHR Press release on demands for salary increase by recently elected state officers - Friday, April 19, 2013
The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) once again expresses its concern regarding the ongoing agitation for salary increase by recently elected state officers. We further condemn the apparent bullying and threats to the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) which is constitutionally mandated to set and regulate salaries and benefits for State and Public Officers.
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The Commission releases this final update to inform Kenyans of their conduct and behavior during the ongoing campaigns (as detailed in the report) and to appeal to the nation of our collective responsibility to ensure free, fair and peaceful elections.
The Commission is encouraged by the many initiatives and efforts being undertaken by various stakeholders and by ordinary Kenyans all over to foster peace during the electioneering period. The coming together of the main political leaders during the two key presidential debates and their pledge to peace during the National Prayer Meeting at Uhuru Park last Sunday is commendable and will hopefully jell Kenyans to maintain peace during the elections.
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KNCHR Election Monitoring Progess Statement - Thursday, February 21, 2013
Ladies and gentlemen, it is seventeen days to one the most historic elections in our country. We join other stakeholders in voicing the following concerns relating to the ongoing electoral process:
It is evident that our actions, both as institutions and individuals, appear not be informed by the lessons of the past. Repeatedly we have been urged, including by our international partners that we are at a defining moment in terms of the growth of our democracy and realization of our constitutional aspirations.See the preliminary report(download here) for more detailed information.
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Press Statement by KNCHR on Monitoring Of the Political Parties Nominations - Friday, January 25, 2013
The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) monitored the just ended political parties’ nominations to assess the level of participation by members of the public as well as transparency and accountability in the nomination process. KNCHR monitored both the political parties’ pre-nominations activities as well as the actual nominations exercise to ensure they were within the law, the political parties’ regulations and in consonance with free and fair elections.
KNCHR witnessed a number of malpractices and serious offences in various parts of the country during the exercise. One of the main concerns is incidences of civilians arming themselves with crude weapons. In Kisumu for instance, a supporter of one of the aspirants was arrested for allegedly having purchased some 100 machetes. A follow-up with the Kisumu OCPD did not reveal any information. We urge the security agencies to take up such matters with the seriousness they deserve so as to avoid a reoccurrence of the 2007 post-election violence.
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The Commission calls the government’s attention to the worrying security situation in the country that is spiraling out of control.Within the last 6 months, the country has witnessed an unprecedented upsurge in violence that has claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent Kenyans, both civilians and law enforcement officers.
In September 2012 in Tana Delta more than 100 civilians and 9 Law enforcement officers were brutally murdered in an orgy of violence that pitted two communities against each other. In Mombasa scores of Police and Prisons Officers were killed/ injured following attacks on law enforcement officers during the riots that followed the Killing of Muslim cleric Sheikh Aboud Rogo. Hardly a week ago, were more than 50 police officers mowed down by cattle rustlers in Suguta valley, in a botched security operation in Baragoi
Since the beginning of Operation Linda Nchi in October 2011, scores of police officers have been killed and others injured in attacks that involved the use of grenades, land mines, IEDs or fire arms by suspected Al-shabab sympathizers within the Country.
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The Kenya National Commission Human Rights has noted the creeping trend where politicians offer mere public apologies that threaten the enjoyment of human rights, especially as we head to the general elections next year.
On Monday, Kenyans were treated to shocking public utterances, under the watch of the police, by Embakasi MP Hon. Ferdinand Waititu calling for the eviction of members of the Maa community from Kayole area. The consequences of the utterances were the loss of two lives, injury to many, destruction of property, widespread looting and threat to national cohesion and inter - ethnic peace in the country. 
While making a public apology in television, the Member of Parliament turned a cheek on the media whom he claims have blown the issue out of proportion to ‘finish his political career in favour of one of his opponents’.
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We the undersigned human rights and governance organizations convey our deepest condolence and sympathy to all the relatives and families of our fellow citizens who had died, and others who sustained serious injuries and massive destruction of property in recent incidences of violence in various parts of the country, including civilians and police officers.
We note with great exception that in the recent months, the country has witnessed several incidences of fatal armed conflict in several districts in the country, namely Muhoroni, Mandera, Wajir, Turkana, Isiolo, West Pokot, Baringo, Mombasa and the most recent in Tana River. In all these cases the result has been indiscriminate loss of lives and property, injuries, displacement and suffering to thousands of innocent Kenyans.
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The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights is deeply concerned by the latest wave of insecurity engulfing various parts of the country that has greatly impacted on the protection and enjoyment  of human  rights. In the past two  weeks, this ongoing orgy of violence has resulted  in  the  loss of  over  70 lives, massive displacement,  widespread  destruction   of property  and immense loss of livelihoods. The Commission underscores the plight of women and children,  the  elderly  and persons with  disabilities  who continue  to  bear the greatest brunt  of the effects of the cyclic conflict.

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Kenyans for Peace, Truth and Justice (KPTJ) together with the Kenya Transitional Justice Network wish to express our serious concern with the failure of Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission to release its report on August 3rd 2012 as mandated by the Law.  
The Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission (TJRC) was established as part of the Agenda Four of the National Reconciliation and Dialogue Accord, with the objective of promoting peace, justice, national unity, healing, reconciliation and dignity among the people of Kenya, a mandate derived from the TJRC Act of 2008.

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We are greatly disturbed by the move by the National Assembly to use the Statute Law (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill 2012 to amend a number of provisions of the Elections and Political Parties Acts in contravention of the Letter and Spirit of the Constitution.

Whereas we acknowledge that it is within the province of the National Assembly to make and amend legislation, it is our considered view that in this particular case some of the proposed amendments are clearly not intended for the purpose of reforming the law but are purely designed to secure the personal interest of currently serving Members of Parliament.

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Early April 2012, at the height of the political registration exercise, the media reported complaints from various individuals who had found their names registered in political parties they are not affiliated to.

Since then the office of the registrar of political parties has consistently given warnings to various political parties that if found flouting rules and perpetrating conduct contrary to the political parties act, there would be consequences. 

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On 26th April 2012, the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) endorsed a motion urging the International Criminal Court (ICC) to transfer the trials of the four Kenyans suspects charged with post election violence crimes from its jurisdiction to the East African Court of Justice (EACJ).
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The footage that was shown on TV on the Eve of Easter holidays united the entire nation in horror and disgust at the brutality meted on a young man by Police Officers; viewers had been informed that the incidence had recently occurred in Turkana, but the Police Commissioner clarified that incidence happened in Trans Nzoia in 2009.
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The attention of the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) is drawn to media reports on July 11th and July 12, 2011, of a dispute between the Commission for the Implementation of the Constitution (CIC) and the Government over the remuneration of CIC officers. The dispute involves a disagreement over salaries for CIC, which we are informed, have not been paid for seven months and which the Government through the Head of the Civil Service, Amb. Francis Muthaura and the Government Spokesman, Dr Alfred Mutua, says are above the normal rates paid to other State officers.
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Various news media have in the last few days reported that the Kenya Police is conducting a vetting exercise for its officers countrywide. According to the media reports, vetting began this week and will end next week. The Justice Phillip Ransley Task Force Report of 2009 recommended vetting of police. We would like to state the following:
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The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) is concerned about a demonstration on Wednesday, March 30, 2011, by parents of children with mental disabilities at the Ministry of Gender in Nairobi. The Kenya Society of the Mentally Handicapped, which organized the demonstration, said the Ministry of Finance was withholding Sh700 million meant for persons with disabilities, and threatened to mobilize parents for another demonstration.
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