Completed - Inquiries and investigations

Reproductive Health Inquiry - 2012
The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights in 2011 launched a public inquiry into violations of sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) in Kenya. This was following a complaint filed in 2009 by the Federation of Women Lawyers – Kenya and the Centre for Reproductive Rights – USA alleging systematic violation of women’s reproductive health rights in Kenyan health facilities. The Inquiry aimed to establish the extent and nature of violation of sexual and reproductive health rights and recommend appropriate redress measures.
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Mental Health Inquiry -2011
In response to a documentary on Kenya’s decaying mental health infrastructure aired by the Cable News Network (CNN) in February 2011, the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) initiated an ‘audit’ of mental health care in Kenya from a human rights perspective, pursuant to its powers under Section 16(1) of the KNCHR Act (2002) and Article 59(2)(f) of the Constitution. To this end, KNCHR consulted with key stakeholders in the mental health sector, including the Ministry of Medical Services (MOMS), psychiatrists in practice and academia, non-government organisations providing services to people with mental disorders and staff and administrators at a number of mental health facilities around the country, which KNHCR also inspected. This report presents the findings of the Commission’s
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Malindi Salt Inquiry -2005
The Kenya National Commission of Human Rights undertook a public inquiry in July 2005 into allegations of human rights violations arising from the activities of salt manufacturing companies in Magarini Division of Malindi District. The Inquiry arose in terms of Section 16(a) of the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights Act 2002 which establishes one of the Commissions functions as “to investigate, on its own initiative or upon complaint made by any person or group of persons, the violations of any human rights”. 
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