Public Education and Training Department

The Public Education and Training department is mandated under section 8 (1) of the Commission’s Act of 2011 to inform, educate and sensitize the public, state and non-state actors on human rights for the purposes of enhancing respect of such rights. The department works to fulfill this function through two core avenues: 

  • Capacity building aimed at enhancing skills of members of the public, state and non state actors to deal with human rights issues.

  • Development and dissemination of information, education, communication and training materials on thematic human rights issues. 

To fulfill these functions, the department employs various strategies, among them, undertaking workshops and sensitization forums for the Public, development and dissemination of information, education, and communication (IEC) and training materials on thematic human rights areas. 

Some of the major recipients of the department’s training include; Kenya Police Officers, Kenya Prisons officers, Line Ministries of government, The Judiciary, Community Based Organizations, Faith Based Organizations.  


Development of Training Curriculum and other materials

These are often developed in collaboration with various stakeholders. The current Police and Prisons training curriculum has content on human rights while a Human Rights Based Approach guide and Manual for public officers has been developed. The main aim is to ensure that Kenya moves towards a human rights respecting state.